The design, features and performance of our products have been carefully developed through strategic design to meet the needs of your clients. They have been designed with both target and broad markets in mind.

Our products are built with integrity, so you can always be assured of providing good value to your clients for the premium paid. Each one has been carefully positioned in four ways: against the end market, against our distribution, against competitors' products and against our current portfolio. This combination of focus and positioning makes our products more effective and greatly enhances product quality.

Specialty Market
Broad Market
These products are designed to fill very specific, narrowly defined client needs. The emphasis is placed on providing easily understood benefits that your clients can understand. Typically, these are benefits your clients may actually ask for once they recognize their value. Target Market Products can help build your business by providing opportunities to enter new markets.
These products have a very broad application and appeal. We place emphasis on providing as much flexibility as possible so you can structure them to fit the needs of your clients. Competitiveness is critical to products in this category because they do not fit a tightly defined need. The beauty lies in the way broad market products can help you grow your current markets.


• Whole Life Horizon Products

Term Life