Single Premium Whole Life Insurance

Horizon Legacy™, a highly competitive, single premium, participating whole life insurance product, enables policyowners to maximize the amount of money they leave their loved ones while maintaining control of it during their life. An effective choice for legacy and estate planning, with just one premium policyowners enjoy guaranteed life insurance protection; guaranteed, tax-deferred growth of cash values and non-guaranteed dividends (plus access to them throughout life); and a guaranteed death benefit that passes income-tax-free to loved ones and could be double the premium paid. In addition to providing permanent life insurance protection, Horizon Legacy could also be used as a financial alternative to tax-deferred and interest-bearing vehicles due to its guarantees, penalty-free access to funds and tax-free transfer to heirs.


Guaranteed life insurance protection with just one premium, making it an effective choice for legacy and estate planning

Guaranteed, tax-deferred growth of cash value and non-guaranteed dividends

Access to cash throughout life through loans and withdrawals of dividends to use in any way the policyowner chooses

Guaranteed, income-tax-free death benefit to loved ones that could be double the premium paid

A possible alternative to tax-deferred and interest-bearing vehicles

Maximum premium: $500,000


Accelerated Death Benefit Rider, with Chronic and Terminal Illness provisions, available at no additional premium




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