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Traditional products are the foundation of our product portfolio. We are a leader in high-quality participating whole life.

Horizon Value™ | View Product Guide

Horizon Value, a premier participating whole life insurance product, is a leader in providing early, fast, guaranteed growth of cash value. Horizon Value's guaranteed cash values and non-guaranteed dividends grow early, rapidly and tax-deferred. In some cases, they exceed the policy's annual premium as early as year four. Policyowners have access, liquidity and control of this money throughout their lives through policy loans and by withdrawing values generated by dividends. Horizon Value™ also provides guaranteed level premiums; a guaranteed death benefit; an accelerated death benefit rider for chronic and terminal illness, which is available at no additional premium; and the flexibility of adding additional optional riders and benefits to further customize the policy.

Legacy One | View Product Guide

Legacy One is a single premium whole life insurance policy that enables policyholders to maximize the amount of money they leave their heirs while maintaining control of their money during their lifetimes. With a single, one-time premium, the policyholder can accumulate cash tax-deferred, as well as protect his or her family with a guaranteed, income tax-free death benefit. These advantages are unparalleled by traditional savings vehicles and annuities.

Economax | View Product Guide

Economax is a blended insurance policy composed of approximately 30% whole life and 70% term insurance. This combination can make it a useful choice for families and businesses on a limited budget who want the permanent power of whole life coverage and the cost-saving benefits of term insurance. Economax's cost-effective, level premiums can also make it a useful alternative for anyone who currently owns term insurance and wants to begin to build cash values with whole life.


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