About Us

Mutual Trust Life Insurance Company

Mutual Trust Life Insurance Company was founded in 1904 on the principles of mutuality and policyholder participation. We are known as "The Whole Life Company" because while we provide a variety of individual life insurance and annuity products, we believe whole life is the foundations of a sound financial plan.

Over the years we have worked to maintain a portfolio of products designed to provide policyholders with protection, a stable way of managing their wealth, and financial strength. Our products are flexible and have the ability to serve the needs of a diverse range of clients.

We strive to not only provide premier life insurance products but also exceptional customer service. We hold high standards for our field partners as well as our home office employees.

Let us help you build your business, grow your profitability, and give your clients peace of mind.

Discover rich rewards and financial independence as a general agent with Mutual Trust Life Insurance Company.

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