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Legacy One is a single premium whole life insurance policy that enables policyholders to maximize the amount of money they leave their heirs while maintaining control of their money during their lifetimes. With a single, one-time premium, the policyholder can accumulate cash tax-deferred, as well as protect his or her family with a guaranteed, income tax-free death benefit. These advantages are unparalleled by traditional savings vehicles and annuities.

Legacy One offers multiple long-term benefits, as well as the short-term peace of mind that comes from liquidity, tax-deferred growth and immediate death benefits. No other savings vehicle offers Legacy One's valuable life insurance protection. In the event of death, the funds will pass income tax-free to the insured's heirs, offering a major advantage over annuities where growth is taxable to the insured's beneficiaries. During the insured's lifetime, Legacy One provides access to the cash value of the policy, and also offers the flexibility to use the dividends to increase the death benefit amount or to have the dividends paid as cash, which can then be used for living expenses. With Legacy One, there are no surrender charges, unlike annuities which typically have surrender charges ranging from five to fifteen years. In addition, policyholders don't need to manage Legacy One. After a single premium deposit, the policyholder and their family will reap benefits for years to come.


Tax-deferred growth

Income tax-free death benefit to heirs

Withdrawals and loans, if desired, without surrender charges

Dividend income, which may be used to buy long-term care, increase life insurance coverage, supplement income, or use in anyway you choose, including a family vacation.

Maximum premium: $500,000


Accelerated Death Benefit – Chronic and Terminal Illness




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