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Immediate Annuity


The Immediate Annuity was designed to provide your clients with a guaranteed income for as long as they live or will make payments to your client for a fixed period at a fixed dollar amount until the proceeds plus interest are exhausted. Your client has the flexibility to design these payments to be level, and they will not fluctuate with market conditions.

Not available in: DC, MS, SD, WV


Safety of principal through the strength of Mutual Trust Life Insurance Company.

Low minimum premium of $2,000, with no sales charge or administrative fee deducted.

Create a stream of income your client cannot outlive.

Receive payments that are guaranteed and not subject to market fluctuations

Structure your client's income payments to be received according to their needs.

Distribution plans available for your client are; fixed period option, life only, 10 year certain and life, 20 year certain and life, installment refund, joint and survivor, and joint and survivor installment refund. For a complete distribution description, run a quote on our SPIA calculator.

Maximum contribution allowed: $1,000,0000.

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