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Economax is a blended insurance policy composed of approximately 30% whole life and 70% term insurance. This combination can make it a useful choice for families and businesses on a limited budget who want the permanent power of whole life coverage and the cost-saving benefits of term insurance. Economax's cost-effective, level premiums can also make it a useful alternative for anyone who currently owns term insurance and wants to begin to build cash values with whole life.

Personal Uses: Family protection; mortgage protection; estate tax protection for grandparents; forced savings; and as a low cost universal life alternative. Best used when the death benefit is needed and cash value is of secondary importance.

Business Uses: Buy & sell agreements; estate conservation and liquidity; stock redemption; and coverage for farm and business loans.


Premiums are level and payable to age 100.

Preferred rates are available at face amounts at or above $100,000.

There are guaranteed and non-guaranteed cash values. Based on 4% and 2001 CSO Tables. Vary by underwriting class, sex, issue age and duration.


Accelerated Death Benefit – Chronic and Terminal Illness

Accidental Death Benefit

Applicant Waiver of Premium Benefit

Children's Insurance Rider

Single Premium Paid-Up Additional Insurance Rider

Guaranteed Purchase Option (GPO)

7 Year Term Rider

15 Year Term Rider

Waiver of Premium - 2 Year Own Occupation

Waiver of Premium - 5 Year Own Occupation


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