Mutual Trust Life Insurance Company offers fixed annuities and a single premium immediate annuity with strong guarantees and tax-advantaged growth. These are two exceptional products. The fixed annuity series is built with integrity to live up to its name and the immediate annuity provides a guaranteed stream of income for your client.

Immediate Annuity

The Immediate Annuity was designed to provide your clients with a guaranteed income for as long as they live or will make payments to your client for a fixed period at a fixed dollar amount until the proceeds plus interest are exhausted. Your client has the flexibility to design these payments to be level, and they will not fluctuate with market conditions.

IntegrityPlus Flex I & II

The IntegrityPlus Flex I and II Annuities are flexible premium deferred annuities with ongoing premiums that earn compounded interest. Taxation is deferred until proceeds are paid out in a guaranteed regular income.

IntegrityPlus Single III & IV

The IntegrityPlus Single III and IV Annuities are single premium deferred annuities. The IntegrityPlus Single III can be started with a minimum contribution of only $5,000. The IntegrityPlus Single IV can be started with a minimum contribution of only $10,000. Additional payments may be made to either contract during the first year only.